Authentic 90’s sweetheart ,
Fell for a freakin eathelete..
Imagine the circumstantial, furtherance the ambience….
Inception of grapple, conception of scuffle….


The honey who belonged to an e-world
Only perceived the internet speed, smoothness of ping, shots of enemies, and grenades to the zones…which was beyond the skills and choices of her..


The sweetheart belong to era of 90’s, the intense wrtings, freakin sentiments, poetries of Rudyard, and tales of fairy…. which were beyond the understandings and mental maturity of him….

She tortured him by narrating her poetries to him,
He tortured her by narrating the maps of his game to her,
She struggled to explain the deep roots of vehemence,
He struggled to explain the deep root of exuberance,
She struggled in bringing him to her level of mental and emotional maturity,
He struggled in bringing her to his level of rank title,
None of them won, none of the ideas worked…
Neither could she make him feel same ,
Nor could she let herself feel the same,
Neither could he make her reach so,
Nor could he let his position go down,
In this ocean of struggles, scuffles, and grapples….
The only thing which proved itself was their alliance…


She started pushing her rank
He started listening to her creations
No matter whether she failed,
No matter whether he failed,
No matter her debacles,
No matter his debacles,
But they begun to enter each other’s world,
And now!
Not only did he belong to that e-world but also to the
Tittles of 90’s creations,
Not only did he belong to that 90’s era but also to the
Seventh heaven of that e-world,

The honey begun to judge her smile’s speed along with the internet speed, smoothness and intonation of that kid in her voice along with the smooth ping…

The sweetheart begun to decide the title of her writings, not just the intense writings, solitude and delight of that immature person, not just those freaking sentiments,….

& Hence this 90′ era emerged into the e-world….
(Haye Mera 90’s ka pyaar
Or wo pubg wala yrr…😅)

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