The coming generation
Planet Earth,
Galaxy-Milky Way

May 2020

My dearest,
I don’t know if this will ever be received by you; and if by some chance you get this, whether you will ever be interested in reading this. Nor am I sure that being the smallest creature in the anatomy of a human, in this huge part of God’s universe which is infinite, you will get my words or not. Yet I am keeping my hopes up to write to you to convey all this.
When I was a 13yr old kid, I was scared because this Earth was supposed to come to an end as per news and some geological surveys. Although that didn’t happen that time, but when I am here at my age of 21, a very young and sensitive stage, I want to share a few things.
Things around us are not the same now, the birds aren’t flying with vigor now, the sky isn’t gleaming like befire, the trees don’t look any happy, flowers don’t seem to bloom anymore, wind doesn’t flow so well and the weather isn’t in motion. Many adults, like me, are losing somewhere their sensuality of the nature. They are somewhat happy being busy with all stuffs with no justifications to show a motive to life. Things are getting ruined brutally, I am also very worried about it, but many of the worried are tending to be warriors. Me as trying to be one of those, oath to it, that planet, nature and God; we owe them. We aren’t the owners, but it’s our obligation to serve it better, to love it, and to conserve it, as we have to hand it you forward.
Dear loved ones, along with this little knowledge, I want to convey you loads of love along with a single, small advice-
“Just love this creation of God. Believe in the creativity of Him, and find goodness in all His creations.”
Also, always keep this in your heart that, today you’re taking from nature, but tommorow you have to hand it safely forward to the next generation, and for this you need to know, and forward this knowledge to use it wisely and conservatively.
Best regards,
A preceding member of this generation and well-wisher.

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