I have always loved to travel. Ever since I can remember. Why is life not so simple; that whatever we have as our aspiration, our desire, we be done with it, without any pressure of our daily liabilities.
Everything has an expiry date. People come and go. Things, trends, everything comes but then goes eventually. Similarly there are places we stay and then leave. But out of all, somethings always stay in our hearts. My love for ‘banaras’ is the same. It has been three years since I left that city; but that city still lives in me. If someone asks what love is to me, I will definitely, without any doubt, say- “Banaras”.(Yess! Of course, Allahabad is love too, but that has just begun. Banaras would be my first love!!).
I have quite a lot of fond memories and overwhelming emotions related to that place- that to this day warms my heart. But one of my most beautiful memories of Banaras was, the sunset. The view from that building, that of sunset always felt so real, new and somehow refreshing. How is it possible to feel so serene? I still wonder about that.
Silence, calm, depth– everything that a person finds in one’s lover’s eyes; I found them all in the sunset of Banaras. That’s when I truly realised that love doesn’t exist between only two people, either of same or opposite anatomy, but in nature too. If you will love the nature, it will love you back. Nature has proved its love by showing its presence of God in life.

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