Here I lie awake in the midnight,
travelling in a train, waiting for the daylight.
A man is lying on the train’s floor,
sleeping and probably dreaming about his kid’s future.

When the T.T. asked for his ticket,
he opened his dreamy eyes and answered–
something about not having a ticket.
I realized then that he was a bookseller.

He is probably drunk because he smells of alcohol,
but it’s not the smell that prompts me to write about him ,
It’s his eyes…
that seems as if they
Want to speak something to me!

When he opened his eyes,
they were dreamy and tired.
Dreamy… maybe because of dreaming about his family.
Tired…. maybe due to that day’s hard work and labour.

For a split second, he reminded of my father
who always had the same tired eyes.
No matter how hard I tried,
I was unable to remove that tiredness from his eyes.

But seeing this man, I realized that
The condition of all the fathers is the same.
Their eyes are dreamy of the past,
tired of today’s hard work
and hopefully eager for the future.

“The Eyes are the window to your soul”
-William Shakespeare

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