Being a woman, one has to go through many pains.
Children learn to walk, starting with baby steps, small, slow, unsteady, occassionaly falling down, many a times even getting bruised. While learning new things and getting older, they reach the edge of that “childhood phase”. Jumping from the edge to reach the next stage called “puberty”; they begin to distinguish between a girl and a boy.
Then comes various situations in every some times, where she needs to make her place known in this world full of numerous obstacles; not only to herself but also to others who look down upon her. The girl, then turns to become a young woman. Along with this newness, comes along a cycle of pain, where she bleeds every month, she goes through stress and torment.
Going forward, growing yet older; marrying someone, she becomes someone’s home maker. She keeps all her livingness aside to make him and his people happier and satisfactory doing all possible deeds. Yet the same people limit her laugher, her talks, her lifestyle. And yet she relentlessly dedicates everything to that one person. She bears it all and keeps on bearing, just for that one person. And that person for whom she turns into a lady, she tries to be young and charming, she gets married, she take care of someone’s family more than her own is ‘you’. Yes! YOU, the guy! She does all that for you only. She bears all, and is ready to bear everything for you and just your love, but she can’t share you with anyone. And this is what you need to understand.

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