None other than him!! Yes. We were attached at the hip. From kindergarten till school farewell. We were always there for each other, no matter how or when; be it the tiffin exchange at recess, PT periods, alarming the other about his crush being around, samosa party after tutions daily, poking each other, beating someone up or whatever. Yeah!! We did it all and those are the best part of our lives.

Nah. Just kidding. (Fooled ya, right?)

My best friend and I didn’t meet till the last year of school. But we had a bond so strong, so unbreakable in just a year. He was always in my mind; how could anyone love you so selflessly. Always pushing; or should I say kicking me to study. Forcing me to participate in those activities, which he knew made me happy. Caring like a “mother” after my mom!! Nobody else was luckier than me throughout the time we were “us”, even though he can be a bit insane at times. As the year came to an end, he kept on proving himself to be a perfect person. When I left the city he always was like – – – “Kya yaar tu bhi chali gayi na.”
But he never aksed me to come back, he always wanted me to make the decision, to figure it out and step forward. My love for him also was so selfless. I hope he knows it. But don’t know why the things weren’t the same as before. Time flows, you age, people grow and naturally everything changes; maybe I took our beautiful relation for granted. I don’t know. I texted him, after so long, one day. He didn’t respond to me with that warmth. That made me sad.
But my friend i know, there must have been a good reason behind all that, or if I am at fault, I am sorry. But I know, and you know it too. Isn’t it?? I love ya.
And yess!!! I miss you like hell!! Now be normal to me, stop making me all senti, otherwise I’ll kill you.

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