Trust is the foundation of all human connections, from chance encounters to friendships and intimate relationships.. It governs all the interactions we have with each other. No one would drive a car or walk down a sidewalk, or board a train or an airplane, if we didn’t “trust” that other people took their responsibilities seriously, and would obey whatever rules applied to the endeavor at hand.  & that people will generally do their best to discharge their obligations toward us. Culture, civilization, and community all depend on such Trust The human capacity for Trust and trusting isn’t meted out on an equal basis some people are able to Trust more easily than others and are, in fact, better at being trustworthy and judging trustworthiness Trust is the most important thing related to our life for me I lose my friend due to trust issues I tried thousands times that I trust him but I didn’t Because our friendship trust level are zero..

Trust  is something that is difficult to  establishIt is very fragile that needs to be taken care ofOnce trust breaks or  shatters into piecesit is very difficult to rebuild it.

While situations differone truth  remains you live in an imperfectsinful worldAs sinful peopleeach of us is  capable of breaking a TrustIn reality, you may not even Trust your own decisionsactionsand thoughts

Trust is like a vase.. once its broken,  though you can fix itthe vase will never be  same again Trust me..!!

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