When it being a time, full of dilemma , when sunkisses turn to sunslap ; when you want to be around cool blows, cools mind down, yet warms hearts; and when he wants to see you, for the firstly first time, but you can’t choose; ‘ should I have to know consequences of it, or to let my innocent heart feel that what it actually wants to feel?’ Doesn’t it happens?

Well, if these dilemma crosses around your mind, then my friend you are at that point, where you are trapped in your own trap. Your innocent heart traps you there, when you know that the so-called apple of eye , who doesn’t even love you; being your “Imaginative better-half”. It all started seeming beautiful around as ever; when I was trapped by my heart, everything seem beautiful, star burn doesn’t affects me much now, when I am sun allergic, as he calls me up, I suppose to be up there, no matter how this let me pinch on it.

It doesn’t led to make me realize when my sort of fact that he wants to see me; turned to the need of mine to be seen by him. Things went on to be deeper! Even deeper that the way I am narrating it out!!! You really can’t realise the trap, untill you’re completely in it, and even sometimes we can’t even see the trap by eyes. Think about; I was in trap of my own heart, it’s intuitions, and how much would it had been took me to realise of. That “so-called innocent heart”, trap me, and I may still suspicious abt it, whether I am out of it, or not??!!!!

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