I remembered all those I was upto when I was in a childhood; free from fear, least of stress and trivial of losing things in my life. It was the most delicate and the most beautiful stage of life you’re going through, it doesn’t make any sense to be so eager to be in future. A childhood, where your mother’s love is your education, your siblings are the real partners, the toys you had are your assets, and all what you earned is family’s affection. What a child earns is much more precious, isn’t it????

I wonder being older, why I had gotten far away from all what we used to be upto in that little, guilt-less age. That unbaised decision, that non peer-pressure, that no show-off to society, no fear of losing anyone, making eyes to cry for those who love us. But now we are all into faking things, we are biased in our decisions, being under peer-pressure to show off society so as to lose the fear of losing someone who doesn’t cares of you, or say the peron whom you love!!!! How tragic has it turned out to be, all the literal meaning of love converted into your definition of love, which is not at all the purest or the perfect one!!!

Really the red balloon of my childhood has droven too far, different from the today’s one. Did your’s changed too???

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  1. I think we as adults still try to make that perfect memory of childhood as we remember it, not really realizing it was just as imperfect as our adulthood is now. As long as we hang on to what we individually believe is truth, love and happiness, we will be okay. Great piece.

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