Sharp 11 O’Clock and his train was about to reach station of her city . It was the second time she had to plan for it!
Because ! Mr. Imperfect of her life is so stuck with his home and feels so homesick that he can’t stays out of his place even for a couple of weeks . He never understood ,she loved him ,more than those artists,more than those poetries,more than the spotlight,more than the applaud,more than cheering noises,more than the era of 90’s ,more than her goals,more than her disguise, and yes ! It is unbelievable but more than her food….
And then reaching the venue of the proposal shook her brain!fucked -up ,mess all around and no preparations sounded possible because the hotel manager was confused with the dates was just holding a sorry onto his lips,no decorations,no cakes, no boats,no facade and that freak stranger who spoiled her dress . Everything sounded opposing her feelings and disheartening her heart ,as if nature is against this new decision,this new bond ,this new relation. At the very same moment their buzzed a ring ,it was her phone’s ringtone – I HAVE FOUND A LOVE…. Oh ,my god !He have arrived . Although it was not a part of her plan but she randomly made an excuse and asked him to take rest for some time and she will see him soon. Unknown of the fact that he is here with the same thought in mind.

After dealing with the phone call, she bought a outfit from the market nearby and changed,ordered a bowl of pasta in hotel which was her favorite food or the love of her life as per her, arranged a few balloons , candles,music playlist,which did not even played on time,some stuffs,and called him with the thought whatever is inside her can’t be expressed with just heavenly decorations but through true words. The clock turned 4. The person for whom all this was done has arrived- heartbeats crossed the speed of light, the blood pressure raced with the horses, and that unbelievable moment …opps he wearing the formal shirt for the very first time, perfectly tucked into his pants ;the sleeves were folded untill the quarter length, I guess;his curly hair was no more curly today ,they were straightened and well-styled and —- he just slipped seeing her holding the bowl of pasta in her hand ; with nothing much but a slight layer of eye-liner complimenting her nude lipstick ,those bouncy open hair falling over the shoulders of her pink kurta and a uncontrollable laugh! He stood with a manly texture again and came closer…..But yes not beyond the boundary of that bowl ! He was still around 50 centimeters away from her.She was just about to say it but he turned away! Giving a pause to her breaths, reminding all her bygones and scaring for one more phase of failure, stopping her words and limiting her imagination which she thought are gonna be real ….

He went outside and came in not more than a minute but that minute was as large as a light year.

The unique thing was he held a big soft toy this time and he let that soft toy take rest on the table beside and handed her a packet of pasta and….She intrupted! PLEASE LET ME SPEAK, OTHERWISE I WILL FORGET FOR WHAT I AM HERE( she sounded illogical but she didn’t not knew what to say …)
This unexpected coincidence was the biggest blessing at that moment .
She tried to say alot but with this fast heart rate she could just say- WILL YOU PLEASE REPLACE THIS IN MY LIFE? Handing him the bowl of pasta…. And if not then accept me as your about to be friend otherwise I am gonna hit you folding her hand,looking at the other side and touching her biceps and also my brother is standing outside and awaiting for my signal,hahahaha! .This wasn’t to scare him it was just a sarcastic sentence in order to deal with the fear of being rejected. Although ,she was already holding his gift which was the first and best gift for her i.e. love of her life …..

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