Heer Ranjha is the most popular of the Punjabi folk tales. It’s about Ranjha, a Punjabi Jat who played magical flute. He was forced to leave his home and traveled around till he reached Heer’s village and fell in love with her. Heer gave him the job of taking care of her father’s cattle and she fell in love with his flute playing. They met secretly for many years till they were caught and Ranjha was forced to leave. He went and became a Jogi and renounced the world. Meanwhile Heer was married off to Saida Khera. After a few years the Jogi Ranjha wound up in Heer’s village again. They ended up with each other but on the day of their wedding Heer’s jealous uncle poisoned the food which killed Heer. Ranjha then deliberately ate the poisoned food to commit suicide alongside Heer.

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