Being, simply a wife of a soldier is not a deal of ease, anyways!
For sure, nothing on this Earth is made so easy to work upon for a woman, life always had been , still in so and would be continuing in made of challenge. Yet, keeping a smile on a face, she kept on taking all things along with her stepping ahead gesture.

When a lady grows up, and get ready socially to be into the attire of bride, she’s full of dreams, she ought to make them true since she started listening the story of prince charming, but the time her fate tells of his upcoming future is with warrior, a soldier, a protector; she limits all her garden of desires. Keeping everything on mind, every time; “how my legionary likes the things around, what will make him happier when he will come back, how would I control over my heart and soul and the tears of my eyes which aren’t my slaves of mine; yet to command seeing him off with bright smile, how to manage things in his absence, why should I have to be brave at the point where I want all dependent on him, every minute keep on making the mind, he will be all fine being there, at low freezing temperatures, on the frontier of country to protect, not only motherland, but the smiles of lakhs and thousand families, their safety, their faces with relief, and no fear of any combats.”

And by the time, she drives into an even braver, conspicuous, leading those all other younger ladies rises up as soldier’s wife to motivate and sum up their courage’s and turns them and built as the shield of our army, who are the real, and truly the inspiration for them! From being a wife of officer, to managing everything alone, raising kids, to taking charge of all in and out stuffs of home, she too becomes a military person like their spouse. Yet! One thing that always be in the woman’s heart, ” Is he alright there on the spikes of border, how will I have to make something new on his homecoming”. And time of being apart, she just had one thing on her eyes, “Will you please come back the next time, will I be able to see you my love, when the new spring, Summers and Autumn will arrive?”.

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