I have been ranting about this right after midnight and it just doesn’t make sense.

I have seen it in movies several times, where people say ‘I did not tell cause I wanted to protect you, I wanted to keep you safe.’

But I still end up finding out in the end. What you hid, I still found out. And I still have to deal with it. So, why not just tell me from the start.

To me, telling me the truth though it hurts, is better than telling me a lie.

Telling me the truth ahead of time does not make the situation bigger, instead it gives me the opportunity to deal with it, when it is still at the seed level.

I don’t know anyone who would love to be lied to, but I know people who run away from the truth.

The truth is not only for the person who should hear it but also for the person who carries it.

The word is sufficient, it addresses every area of our lives, every challenge we face and obstacle we have to overcome.

The comforter is there to help us in our time of need. The bible is not only to conquer demons and fight battles, but for our everyday lives.

It is for us to have life abundantly like God said we will. To have this life is to have love, power and a sound mind.

To have peace, shalom, nothing broken nothing missing.

For me, it means the word is there to help us with the truth even when we cant handle.

I don’t believe the word teaches us to run away from the truth, I believe the word teaches us to have in God and believe he loves us and He is mighty to save.

Please as believers, we owe it to ourselves to not only be honest to others but also to ourselves and to apply wisdom when telling the truth.

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