I want to feel your body.
But not in the way, you would think.
I want you…
I want you…
I want you…
I want to feel your soul as our
laughter mixes over words.
I want the non-existent…
I want the untamed thoughts…
I want wild dreams that float…
I want to see the stars glisten.
Glisten through blue eyes.
I want to feel you,
But not LAYERED upon my skin.
I want to see you,
But only in STAYING dreams.
I want to make love to your heart.
I want to feel your tears set a fire,
I want your whispers to bring
goosebumps RISE to my arms.
I want to know that you love.
Love from within ribs holding a heart.
I want more than this physicalness.
I want you.

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