I will love you until oranges grow on apple tree!
Even in my darkest hours just the thought of you can brighten up my entire world!
You are the secret ingredient to my happiness.
The reason we found each other so late in life was to let us experience what we didn’t want on our way to what we truly want.
You have given me a million reasons to love you since the day we met and every day you give me more!
Since I met you, I have earned a new degree-a ‘Masters in Missing You’. The course has taught me all the different ways and different times to miss you.
I love it when I catch you looking at me, then you smile and look away.
Of all the people in the world . . . it’s only you I can’t stop thinking about!
I didn’t find you, you didn’t find me-we found each other!
Somewhere between crying for a doll and crying for a person you grew up to be a woman. But I will never let you cry for a person and I will make sure you carry your elegant smile always!

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