He takes no time
In turning my imagination into saturation,
By bringing the food or taking the good!

He takes no time
In burning my infuriation into oblivion,
By his pet names or cuddles!

He takes no time
In grinding my anxiety into serenity,
By touching the soul or treating the whole!

He takes no time
In binding my paintings into acquaintance,
By reaching the spot and speaking the worth!

He take no time
In blending my dreams into extremes,
By thinking the ways or blinking the rays!

He takes no time
In turning my stubborness into boldness,
By holding the patience needed to treat a patient!

He takes no time
For understanding my mood,
By merely a glimpse or a smile!

Never letting me
Dwell in my tedious emotions
By the depth of his vehemence ,
Is the reason of the interminable smile…

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