Is that real or my imagination everything was changed, the morning message “Good Morning Honey Bunny” changed to “Morning” but still I made her to feel special. The answer that “I Need You” for the question “Do You Need Me?” changed to “I Don’t Know”. But I still made her to feel special, everything changed infront of me and I was helpless, and I came to know it was my imagination which I don’t wanted to be in real, it was real.
“It was my mistake”.
A mistake which can’t be healed up with a word “Sorry”.
I doubt my self that I really made her to feel special or this was my imagination.

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  1. The mistake I did in life is only know to me only.. and everyone knows how many mistake they did in their life.
    The concern is only to realise them and correct for the betterment of the life.
    Lots of love❤️

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