May you enjoy the dash between the dates of your tombstone.
May you keep transferring the emotions between the aggregates of our lives.
The word “maternal” itself is a definition of maternity.
The word “maternity” itself is a propogation of motherly love.
And you—
A very whole example of God’s bestest creation…
A very whole discussion of our affectionate relation…

“Mothers’ day”— It was in this tragic quarantine and everyone was busy posting wishes and stories all around but u…

We’re still thinking about today’s breakfast, brother’s homework and father’s health…!
How can we prove our affection to you
Because the river can’t say that it owns its identity and
If are not apart then it is but obvious to have a vehemence as huge as universe. The only creature which can carry a being for whole of numerous months—
Be it a plant or an animal, even us(humans)..

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