Though I remember all that I used to go through or have gone through in my life; doesn’t everybody? Every thought, every idea, every initiation I usually take just with all about what I had memorized. And my grandma always said this, not everyone had such power of keeping memories, “I remember”. Tragic!

I sometimes feel that everything has its own sides and likewise, this also has its own impacts, it’s good enough to have those cherishable, happy memories, but what about the dark ones? Those old scars of the heart, tear and thorns of emotions by words, those nightmares don’t led to a peaceful night or a good sleep, and all those disruptions took from me everything that I was a natural in.

Grandma always taught me and made me realise the power in me, but somewhere she forgot to make me aware of those core memories which just left me hollow from inside. Sad!!!

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