“He is not a capable leader”
“He is just a Hindu believer”
That’s what the people said,
whose lingering and selfish mind always played.

Demonetization hit India like a tsunami,
engulfing filthy and greedy people out
Then Talaq-e-biddat’s ban brought justice to abused women,
Came as a wash of relief to satisfy them.

Oh no! The world is hit with a pandemic
Shattering and destroying everything within its grip
People are suffering and falling with a blare Dyspnea and their life ending like a nightmare.

Chaos, confusion and dreadful situation
made them to seek help only to the “supreme” out there
It’s when that leader decided to take charge,
only for the race do “homo sapiens” to last

On his first addressal, the “nation” got charged
24th March, Songs were sung and bells were rung,
Created sounds that energized the people to fight
Oh, he did hit his masterstroke with a bang!.

On his second addressal, the “nation” was empowered,
5th April, burst of lights were showered
It illuminated each and every part of people’s soul, providing them with a hope that mustn’t be sold.

Those selfish people criticized him anyhow.
They spat on the frontline soldiers abused and made fun of the leader.
But the warriors aren’t to be taken lightly,
they will save every soul eventually.

A “Sanjeevani” has come into existence,
that might possibly prevent the world’s end.
The world’s eye is on the leader
to play the role of “Hanuman” and save their souls.

This pandemic is searching for its victims
The world is struggling and Losing.
Now that the leader has decided to take charge he will ultimately heal everyone’s scar.

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