Your smile swallows my heart; it is a perfect punctuation for the only joy I’ve known to truly be contagious. You effortlessly season all your words with grace but that’s because you bring them forth from the overflowing storehouse of love I’ve seen inside your heart. You’re incredibly delicate, you soften my heart with your gentle touch and tender voice. You are also a tremendous source of my soul. You’re my love, my one and only home.
You’re the fruit of blessing that I survive on. You’re all the places I wish to travel to, and the reasons for the rebirth of every dream I had given up on before I met you. You know I have a lot to learn a lot to learn about life and living but in my 18 years I’ve learned one important truth; true love is eternal because it proceeds from god. Before meeting you, I never thought it was for real since people like you were never around me. Yet, you made it possible. You made me believe that love exists. I look forward with the greatest faith, hope and love to share an eternity with you.

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