Love the way you look…
The way those brown eyes shine,
The right to behold those is only mine!
The way your ears trigger,
And all that you hear!
That constant mesmerizing sight,
Your wish to hug me tight!
Beyond the sea-shore and across the moonlight,
To suppress the agony and to land in the spotlight,
To never let die or to ever cry…
Along with arrogance and even ignorance….
At times it becomes arduous to incorporate your perception,
At times it also becomes strenuous to incorporate your deception,
But then the inception of the sight,
And then the conception of the fight,
Tranquilizing the state of mind…
Serene the upgrade of grind…
Thoughts getting back
To a throwback…!
Where upbringing a look,
And I sit here, yet again, thinking
Love the way you look!!

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