Life is hard to live when the light inside no longer shines. Everything around becomes so dark that you think of grabbing a knife to leave a mark just so that you can feel alive again. My fear and doubts are replaced by pain and suffering. I hope to fill the emptiness inside me. I fight to end my loneliness. Failure has consumed my heart, and all of a sudden, my life is not the same any more. My friends care about me but I feel I am a burden on them now. I need support even for smallest things. What was my fault? Only that I loved someone and trusted  her blindly. Now I cannot walk. It is possible that I may never walk again. Doctors say that I need to exercise but I have given up. Every day is a war for me, a struggle to obtain reality. I had a huge collection of footwear but now they’re of no use. The pills make me tired but I am left with no choice. I wish I could walk again and live a life which was  as normal as before. Now no one will love me, no one will want to marry me. I wanted to be successful but now my future seems bleak. One moment can be so devastating and one action can have such an everlasting impact that it can create permanent scars in your heart. Just a few day ago, I was thinking  of living a high profile life. Today, all I want to do is walk on my own feet. I want to go to kitchen alone and fetch a glass of water. I want to walk to the window to feel the sunlight on my face. I want to live, I want to smile, I want to laugh, I want to party and I want to go out walking on my own feet, but right now nothing seems possible. My life is suddenly dependent on these two wheels on which my body rests, and my heart cries. Sometimes you don’t need someone to pull you out of darkness; you need them to sit there with a candle letting you know you are not alone.

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