Well ,
I just called you to say a final goodbye.
Never knew that—
You wouldn’t recognize this voice of mine.
Tell me sincerely….where did my fault lie?

After this long time,
your way of speaking was the same.
Your heart thumped loudly on the phone.
Your long, audible breaths showed signs—
I could come back home.

We talked freely like old times,
not realizing that this moment will eventually sublime.
Laughing and remembering those old memories
to which I always turned a “blind eye”.

When you said—”I miss you.”
Oh god! I stopped walking without a clue.
After the long break that felt like a lifetime,
I replied— “I miss you too….”

Nothing but a long silence resumed.
You again took that long audible breath,
as if wanting to say —
“Can we be together again?”

Oh beloved! I. really wish to be come back,
but I know that ‘somewhere we will lack’.
I left you with an incurable scar,
which is now nothing but ‘plain and black’.

There was a hesitation in your voice.
A pause that said—
“I fear losing you and in that I have lost myself.”
I then knew that your love was never mine to have.

So,my beloved….
live your life freely and passionately,
I will not come back to interrupt you again,
because I know that this time—
“the scar will be worse!”


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