“He broke up with me. What do you think the problem is? Why wouldn’t he want me? He doesn’t want to go on a date with me anymore. Well, I can’t even tell if he likes me or not!” The questions and phrases are thrown back and forth between my friends and I, and we’re all experiencing the same feeling of rejection all at once. What do you do in that feeling? How do you get through it? For some, it’s easier to get over it, and for others (like myself) it’s really hard to get past.

Let me tell you something, I know that God has so called me to be so different that it either draws men in or scares them away. I know I’m not liked when it comes to beauty by any means. I see the ugliness with in my own heart and every day, my prayer is that God changes me inside out. Every day, I just want to be more like him and less like a failure. And God, He actually changes me. And sometimes the process is harder, and sometimes it’s easier, but one thing is certain, it’s like His love… it’s continuous.

So, dear one, do not lose heart. Just because someone doesn’t have feelings for you in return when you’d like them to, doesn’t mean that you’re not worth it. It doesn’t mean that you’re not enough. It just means that they don’t have feelings for you, and so, you take that feeling of rejection and you think on.

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