Painful for some, pleasuring for some
And a pleasuring pain for a few …
Possession for some, obsession for some
And compassion for a few…
The closure at it’s utmost level,
Melting of one’s soul onto other,
The hoardings of breaths,
The boardings of heads,
Millions of transition in one’s body and soul…
Billions of transfiguration in one’s body and soul…
Nothing as lascivious as it,
Nothing as lecherous as it,
Not only lustful but sinful too,
If and only if, love is not the one which conceives this feeling ….
Nothing as Angelic as it,
Nothing as Satanic as it,
If the prerequisite of pure love is fulfilled….
If the prerequisite of pure vehemence is let out….
Let’s not defame this word,
It is the purest form of love,
The boundary line between compassion and love….
The boundary line between whole and soul….
But if and only if……!

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