Her perfect tan skin always amuses,
She chooses clothes that will hide the bruises.
Walking down the street with unbeatable grace,
No one knows the torture she has face.
She watches the clock with a sad, broken face,
When someone approaches, the smile is back in place.

When she meets him, it is impossible to smile,
he breaks her body and spirit in such a violent style.
Her eyes start watering, knowing what is to come,
Just imagining the bloody mess she was to become.

He lays her down and the painful sting returns,
No matter how many times it happens, it still burns.
It continues for hours, then it comes to an end,
She wakes up next morning, sore, ready to pretend
That she is perfect, that she is okay.

Putting on her make-up, she fixes herself,
Her trademark smile is back in place.
The sadness is blocked away from her face,
She feels she could collapse under the strain,
She heads out the door, repeating the cycle again.

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