Sundays are such delightful treats. I wish I could just hit the pause button and sleep endlessly all wrapped up in my egg chair. Glancing around the room, I noticed a pile of boxes that I had stored away.

So eventually I could not resist the urge any longer. Long before I knew it, I was on the floor rampaging my way through the contents of the box. Old clothes, rusty souvenirs, books, it was a like a time capsule. Moving the contents around I found a heavy bundle at the bottom, a book with a leather hardbound cover.

It was my Grandmothers album. The photos seemed to have faded over the years but, how I loved the smell of the old books. I grabbed the album and took it to Gramy. As I approached her she recognised what I had held in my arms. She grinned like a Cheshire cat. She had this beautiful twinkle in her eyes. I pulled a chair next to her and carefully laid the treasure in front of her. As we turned through the pages we looked at every photo.

With every photo a new memory was showed what it felt like, right then, nearly a decade ago. Those photographs were the only articles that served as relics of her past. They were a key to her childhood and a symbol of her love captured in those moments. Every photo had a beautiful story to tell. Then one photo in particular brought tears to her eyes. A photograph of her late sister and her. They were probably my age then. Oh, how beautiful they looked.

It’s true. Time can’t be turned once passed but, I love photographs for the very same. It captures a precious moment. The best part is it helps us remember what we have forgotten, the moments you cherished so dear can be relived again, the people you once lost seemed to have found their way back into your heart. Every photo captured souls and not smiles.

Those first steps, the first kiss, prom night, spring dance, carnivals or just those daring moments, a photograph can speak without words. It was all there. Those photographs opened doors into the past but also offered a look into the future. Somewhere the album created a new bond between Gramy and me. The photographs seemed to speak for themselves. By the time we reached the last photo in the album and it felt as though we just had relived an entire lifetime. While we were surrounded in silence we let those moments in time make all the noise in our hearts.

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