Sitting in new interior, she was looking at the things all around the table, which was centered in the so-called-new room. Stepping towards those books on table, door opened suddenly. And someone came in. She recognized him; he was there. Smiling, he asked, “Are you looking for something?”. “No”, she replied with a pale smile; afterall she hadn’t slept the last 3 nights, busy with packing, reminding herself of what all the ladies had asked her to memorize, worrying about when they will be meeting for the first time, as they hadn’t talked even once before their marriage, other than a meeting. “Man’s search for meaning! Is this book yours?”, she asked sitting on bed, near to him. “Well yes!”, he smiled and came closer, took both her hands in his hands with a smile; her cheeks now red, she meekly casted her eyes down. With this pause, he continued, “You are so beautiful. First time I saw you, I fell for you!”, listening to him, she pulled herself together to be ready for whatever he wanted to do further into the night.
“I was aware that you’re simple, and calmness took my heart on our first meeting, but the moment you asked me to study further and fulfill your dream after we put together; you earned every bit of respect in my eyes. And at that moment, I too learnt how to live my dream with eyes awake. Thanks!”

She had come to think that no man would understand her will to study further, that no man could fulfil the promises they themselves made. It was an old, faded story which never is to revive. But, out of his kindness, she was filled with tears, and happiness and hope. “ So, what is your dream is about?” she asked with a warm heart. Looking up to the book on top on table, he replied, “What did you expect?”, and winked. Smiling, they talked about what they had always wished to be, their perceptions, their own goals, priorities and what would happen if the other will achieve it.

They celebrated their ‘first night’, for not being one another’s husband and wife, but by becoming the support system to each other, celebration in name of new friendship, to make each other better and help becoming closer to their goals, and a beautiful unbreakable promise of always holding hands together, be happier in other’s happiness, and to look each other one day as Mr. IAS and Mrs. P.Hd.

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