Retrieving all those faded memories of mind, she suddenly came out of it, when she was called out by her friend. Coming downstairs, Ilma asked, “You must be recalling all your memories of this home, isn’t it?”. Well, tears in her eyes were the answer, but hiding them, she said, “I was just looking for all areas requisite for renewal”. Smiling, she controlled it all. Afterall she was emotional, as it has been around 7 years since she and her family left this home. Because of insufficiency of money, her father sold their home for children’s higher education.
They left it because of their helplessness, but she, along with her brother brought their father’s 60th bday gift as homecoming to the home, where they took birth, where they all grew up, where they sang songs together, where their father’s mother left him, and where they tried to rebuilt themselves, but yet his father gave up all those emotions, just for his children’s future.

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