I always take the local bus for travelling, whenever I have to go to my relatives during weekends. The Friday evenings are so beautiful; that very time when the Sun sets and Earth moves in such a way so that a different part of world could see the face of the new day, a new start. However, sunset has always been my favourite thing in life.
I usually travel alone, and looking at the sunset somehow calms me. That feeling begin at this very phase; the feeling of expressing love at it’s extreme. Sitting in the window seat, silent and calm, I was going to have a peaceful weekend at home.
Independence for me had never been- “to be free and enjoy”; but it has always been a time slot, which my life gives me to echance me inside me, to find peace, to find life, to find spirituality. So, enjoying this, I find it as always good to me. I become happier, when nature talks to me, the book with it’s paper smell and poster colour sticks to my hands, the blowing breeze, the trees, the chirpings of bird, the turns of road, the bridges.
The time of my little journey is about 15mins long, but within this short span, I talk to them who listen to me so calmly with patience, and when they talk to me, they just talk to me like a mother would communicate with her child. The nature and books are silent talkers, one who would never let the other feel like the third person, or the one who can’t be in one’s context.

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