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English Content

It’s all about then, when he held my hands and clenched my fingers while crossing the street.That sense of protection and affection he generated was hard to die for any silly reason or some minor mistakes that you used to do and you still do, in order to tease me to let me cross my crease. It’s not a long way passage , moreover it’s just a recent bygone we were still catching hands and walking over together to an undesitined destination, enjoying the more the path. Because when it comes to you the path becomes more beautiful than the destination. And when it us holding our hands together , what could stop us to take over any complication or reach over any destination…. That hold , that closure , that emotion which you begun to give me were just imaginable right before the moment we caught in together.. I was the one who used to simple sneak a peak a boo from my situations , but u made me realize the importance of walking over with heads high, eyes active, sight around and feets together beating any exposure to any obstacle…

Hindi Content

मर्त्य मानव की विजय का तूर्य हूँ मैं,
उर्वशी! अपने समय का सूर्य हूँ मैं
अंध तम के भाल पर पावक जलाता हूँ,
बादलों के सीस पर स्यंदन चलाता हूँ
पर, न जानें, बात क्या है !
पर, न जानें, बात क्या है !
इन्द्र का आयुध पुरुष जो झेल सकता है,
सिंह से बाँहें मिलाकर खेल सकता है,
फूल के आगे वही असहाय हो जाता,
शक्ति के रहते हुए निरुपाय हो जाता

विद्ध हो जाता सहज बंकिम नयन के बाण से
जीत लेती रूपसी नारी उसे मुस्कान से

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