Taking the remote in hand, bouncing from channel to channel, from news to cartoons, to movies… Just about anything to somehow pass time. During this time, the question that keeps arising in my head is what’s been happening in the society these days!!! Pandemic is not affecting just the anatomy of human body, but also the society. Covid-19 is not “just” a virus, it is something that is giving birth to the newest species- “jaahil hoomans”.

I don’t know how things will change for the better. People are reaching out to touch the ribbon of the disease, to win the relay from their rival, ie., Politics v/s secularism, which should actually have been; “Govt. vs pandemic”, “system vs mismanagement”; and most importantly “us vs stupidities”, which is transmitted by the enemies of society.

Other than that, Corona is just a vital game played by the parties who are more dangerous than this problem which has arisen. Many people who lack knowledge are doing their work, without caring about how our society will suffer and many dirty games are still been played as backfoot in name of disparity.

This is not a problem between rivals, this is something that is hurting us as we aren’t among the wrong doers of society as the way we are being judged or have been judging. It’s just that, I want to claim from the core of my heart that my religious background does not draw a benchmark to measure my love towards the nation. Neither words could express my love for my nation, nor anybody could give those jahels any right to question my upbringing. A tweet by a social activist has been eating me up everyday was that~ until the educated section of this society doesn’t protest or write against such unhealthy people, to his will take so long, and worthless end for situation of country. And it’s time to serve and save humanity, rather than being up and about to save your religion. Allah, Lord Ram, God- all of them are great enough to save it.

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