It has been more than 70 days, and I haven’t seen you since. Right now I am very emotional, everybody must have been. But today, as I woke up, I felt as if this pandemic had come to an end and you are there sleeping in next bed of our hostel room as usual. Suddenly, the old building of our campus where we all live, love, laugh together came through the window of my thoughts. Where you disturb me, with your late night call with your better half, those lame jokes cracked by me(not in my opinion! I think they are quite funny, mind you!), those hours of talk in our room, shouting in the corridors, going to others room and disturbing them, all the serious talks and discussion, proper guidances and tips of life given by seniors, those unrestrained laughters, those harsh cries and shouts, all the tantrums that you handle, when it thunderstorms at mid-night and you calming me down. These things are all which come to the mind, again and again. I am really praying now, that all I am going through may it all get healed, may the pandemic end soon, that everyone may get free from this problem now and once again we all can get back to our normal lives, and meet our loved ones soon. I really wish! I meet you too as soon as possible my UC and I hope you could also see me sooner.

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